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How to Easily Protect Your PC from Online Threats

methods that can help ensure that your system is perfectly secured and that no data breach occurs from your end.

Mobile Phone Security: In a nutshell

First, some numbers.... According to statista.com there were approximately 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2020. In January 2021, according to datareportal.com there are 5.22...

Cybersecurity tips for small businesses – especially those with remote workers

Small businesses have been facing a mountain of problems since the coronavirus outbreak took hold of the world's economy and shifted most people to working ...

Mitigating cybersecurity risks for employees working remotely

It’s important for everyone to operate with the same caution (if not more) than they would if everybody was in an office. With an increased risk of employees falling prey to cyber attacks, business leaders must leverage new policies and technologies to keep their companies and employees safe.

Beware of online coronavirus scams

Hackers have increased their activity during the current pandemic crisis. It’s more important than ever for you to be extremely cautious online. With the massive number of people working from home, hackers feel they have an opportunity to exploit the pandemic for illegal profit. The level of hacking activity has definitely risen in recent months [...]

Security considerations for working in a COVID-19 world

It is difficult to find a silver lining amongst a crisis such as the COVID-19 outbreak. However, as countless organizations elect to enable the...

Online General Tips and Advice

What you do online has the potential to affect everyone – at home, at work and around the world.Practice good online safety habits with these tips and advice. [...]

How cybercriminals target company emails and what you can do to prevent it

Even though malware code is always evolving and Emotet has morphed from a banking trojan to weapon that targets many industries, email still remains one of the most popular attack vectors for hackers. Phishing attacks are on the rise, spear phishing is becoming more targeted, and now text messages are turning into spam. The following advice [...]

Most common cyberattacks we’ll see in 2020, and how to defend against them

Cybercriminals are always busy plotting ways to attack, scam, and infect potential victims for financial gain and other reasons. Organizations can be especially tempting targets because they hold vast amounts of data, user information, customer accounts, and other assets to be compromised. Protecting your business from cyberattacks is a never-ending challenge. But to make [...]

Exploring the cutting edge of AI in cybersecurity

With the number of cybersecurity threats increasing daily, the ability of today's cybersecurity tools and human cybersecurity teams to keep pace is being overwhelmed by an avalanche of malware. According to Cap Gemini's 2019 Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence: The new frontier in digital security report, 56% of survey respondents said their cybersecurity analysts cannot [...]

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