Information Security in the Time of Covid-19 – Moving to the Cloud as a Cost-Cutting Measure Does Not Lessen Compliance Obligations

Recurringly, organizations fail to ask themselves the most rudimentary questions before moving to cloud platforms, and they suffer as a result...

Microsoft: Here’s how we’re trying to manage increased cloud demand

Microsoft prioritized the needs of first responders, healthcare workers, and others on the front line, as they've noted previously. And they've throttled some less-essential services to try to keep things humming. On April 23, officials...

Amazon took data from its own sellers to develop competing products Inc. AMZN, +1.64% employees have used data about independent sellers on the company’s platform to develop competing products, a practice at odds with the company’s stated policies. The online retailing giant has long asserted, including to Congress, that when it makes and sells its own products, it doesn’t use information it collects from the [...]

Launching Oracle’s COVID-19 Therapeutic app: The back story

By Tony Baer (dbInsight) for Big on Data | April 10, 2020 -- 12:00 GMT (13:00 BST) | Topic: Coronavirus: Business and technology in a pandemic The input screen that patients see when using Oracle's COVID-19 therapeutic app   Source: Oracle Among the many mysteries of the coronavirus is finding out which medications and therapies [...]

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