Elon Musk’s company implanted chip into monkey’s brain – now he ‘plays video games using his mind’

Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink CEO Elon Musk. Hannibal Hanschke-Pool/Getty Images Elon Musk's company Neuralink has already implanted a chip into a monkey's brain that enables it to "play video games using his mind."Musk claimed as much in a wide-ranging interview conducted on Clubhouse on Sunday nightNeuralink is focused on human-computer interfaces for artificial intelligence in [...]

Google wants to make it easier to analyse health data in the cloud

Google has expanded the availability of its Cloud Healthcare API in a bid to improve healthcare interoperability and help providers drive insights from myriad sources of medical data. Google's Cloud Healthcare API allows healthcare organizations to collect and manage various types of medical data via the cloud, including Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM), [...]

10 Ways AI Can Improve Digital Transformation’s Success Rate

Digitally transforming or improving customers' experiences needs to be the cornerstone of any investment in new technologies or business processes.

Microsoft: Our AI can spot security flaws from just the titles of developers’ bug reports

Microsoft has revealed how it's applying machine learning to the challenge of correctly identifying which bug reports are actually security-related. Its goal is to correctly identify security bugs at scale using a machine-learning model to analyze just the label of bug reports. According to Microsoft, its 47,000 developers generate about 30,000 bugs a month, but [...]

Open-source AI tool aims to help identify coronavirus infections

A tool that can show why deep-learning modules make the decisions they do, enabling users to correct the inputs that lead to wrong decisions, and fix the architecture or retrain the system to prevent the same mistakes in future.

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