LinkedIn is shutting down its ephemeral Stories product, the company announced Tuesday. The company plans to “remove the current Stories experience by the end of September,” according to Liz...

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Why You Should Be Aware of the Impacts of Facial Recognition

Almost anywhere you go today, there seem to be one or more cameras staring back at you.This is understandable for business organizations that might...

Information Security in the Time of Covid-19 – Moving to the Cloud as a Cost-Cutting Measure Does Not Lessen Compliance Obligations

Recurringly, organizations fail to ask themselves the most rudimentary questions before moving to cloud platforms, and they suffer as a result...

Cybersecurity tips for small businesses – especially those with remote workers

Small businesses have been facing a mountain of problems since the coronavirus outbreak took hold of the world's economy and shifted most people to working ...

Mitigating cybersecurity risks for employees working remotely

It’s important for everyone to operate with the same caution (if not more) than they would if everybody was in an office. With an increased risk of employees falling prey to cyber attacks, business leaders must leverage new policies and technologies to keep their companies and employees safe.

Leave a minimal digital footprint

Your digital footprint paints a picture of who you are. Every day, whether we want to or not, most of us contribute to a growing...

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Windows 10

Windows 11 is being launched today:What to expect

Microsoft is about to unveil Windows 11 today, the company’s next major operating system. A new Start menu, rounded corners, and a general UI overhaul have been expected...

Goodbye Project “Loon”

Remember the Loon Project to Kenya? It was one of Google's parent company, Alphabet, long-term experimental projects. The company is saying goodbye to this...

Microsoft 365: If your writing’s clunky, Word Rewrite now suggests whole new sentences

Microsoft has rolled out a new AI-powered feature for Word on the web that suggests improvements to whole sentences. The updated Rewrite Suggestions in Word aims to help users rephrase clumsy sentences with clearer expressions that still reflect what the author intended to say. Microsoft announced the feature at its 2019 Build conference last May [...]

Google to Gmail users: Coronavirus phishing is targeting you. This is how we hit back

Google is adapting its machine-learning models for Gmail security to battle scammers, cybercriminals, and state-sponsored hackers exploiting fear over the [...]